Power Systems Analysis 

Of prime concern to every plant manager and facility director are the capability and reliability of the electrical distribution system managed.  Downtime of an electrical distribution system can be both costly and lengthy.  The plant manager and facility director's best insurance against power system downtime is to supplement the routine maintenance procedures with remedial modifications and adjustments based upon the results of periodic electrical system studies.

The purpose of an electrical power system study or analysis is to evaluate a system's response to normal and emergency operational conditions.  The study results will include recommendations or corrections to improve reliability, safety, and economics.  These studies are useful in evaluating existing systems, or in planning for new facilities, expansions, or modernization.  CSC performs a variety of electric power systems analysis for industrial, commercial and utility clients. The following types of power systems analysis are offered by CSC:          

    •  Arc Flash
    •  Short Circuit
    •  Device Evaluation
    •  Device Coordination
    •  Load Flow
    •  Transient Stability
    •  Harmonic Analysis
    •  Power Factor Correction
    •  Grounding
    •  Motor Starting
    •  Load Shedding & Peak Shaving
    •  Voltage Regulation
    •  Surge Protection
    •  Critical Load Supply & Switching
    •  Load Management
    •  Electrical Energy Management & Audits
    •  Power System Evaluation
    •  Equipment Sizing
    •  System Data Collection & Surveys
    •  Field Measurements
    •  One-line Diagrams & Updates
    •  Power Flow Diagrams