Founded in August 1988, CSC provides complete engineering services from systems analysis and design to design/build project installation. CSC assumes the position of principal design professional during the construction of electrical facilities and subsystems. This includes the engineering design of the electrical, civil, structural, and mechanical portions of the project. CSC designs and manages all projects to ensure functionality, economics, allowances for future growth and expansion, and provisions for system and personnel safety. With an extensive corporate history of working with older electric power facilities, CSC can easily and intelligently upgrade protection, increase load capabilities, expand, and modernize existing facilities. The experience path we offer clients is bidirectional. We furnish modern and innovative solutions to existing facilities, while offering new system designs to alleviate the limitations discovered in existing systems.

CSC is sensitive to the requirements of our clients, taking special care to minimize outage time and its economical impact. We recognize that production time (or system uptime) is a key factor for any electrical system. With a proven history of designing and installing electrical systems on a fast track schedule, CSC ensures a minimum of system downtime and disruption during installation of CSC managed projects.

Chesapeake Systems Consultants provides an engineered solution to a client's technical problem, technical success by implementing the solution, and client satisfaction that the services were performed on time and at a reasonable cost.